Sunday, October 23, 2011

Violin Winter Card

I made this card using Quarter Note for the violin and Wrap It Up for poinsettias. Enjoy.

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  1. Good Morning, Dear,
    I see Mr. Raccoon made it to etsy along with your other beautiful Christmas cards. I didn't see him on your blog. You know I was saving up a special comment for him. :) I will tell ya again that I love how you figured out a way to get Quarter Note into a Christmas card. The swirls on the cuts are perfect for this idea. I hear beautiful music (although I'm not a violin fan) when I look at this one.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, T. It's lonely in blogger land. :) I forgot to tell you that those Christmas lights on the recipe card barn came from Joann's. But, I've seen some at both AC Moore and Michaels as well. The boy was better by last night, but he drove me crazy all day. When he's sick, I can't get out of his sight. He called me every 5 minutes. Finally, I just gave up and sat upstairs with him for most of the day. I was able to convince him to come downstairs around 5. I made him some toast and was able to get this vinyl and the card cut. I put the stuff together while he was in the shower. Fastest crafting I have ever done. He should be ok for school today. I am glad this was a 24 hour virus. He's got karate after school today and a friend coming over. Big plans for an 8 year old. ;) Talk to ya soon. hugs!