Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cute Little Elf Card

The elf was cut from Jolly Holidays cart. Enjoy!


  1. cute as cute can be love that little elf stalked walmart for weeks trying to get it.

  2. Deck the halls with Jolly Holidays. ;) Chica, this elf is so cute. I love his big blue buttons....his pants might fall without 'em. Elf Buns for Santa. ;) I know you gotta be sick of reading it, but I love your papers. I have been giggling since I read a comment you posted on the MB this morning. I might giggle all day. Thanks for the bright start to my Friday...with this cute elf, the beautiful snowflake, and your unwavering honesty.

  3. Love this little elf! I agree with Diane, your papers are beautiful!