Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Card Making Kits for Kids

These are the cards I put together for using in a kit for kids. The critters are the only things that are glued together. Al the rest are packaged loose in a bag. Thanks for looking.


  1. Morning, T.! These cards are super cute! If I showed up at your kids' class and slouched in my chair so I looked little and put pigtails in my hair, would you figure me out and make me leave? LOL! You must have had fun gluing those critters together. I have got to use this idea. My daughter has a friend who moved over the summer who used to love my cards. I should make her a kit and have Madison send it to her. I know she'd love it. She asked her mom to buy a cricut and her mom had no idea what she was talking about. Such a cute kid. Well, I am using your cute witch card this weekend. I have 3 bags all packed up for Kate with dates that she should open each bag. The witch card is part of the goodies in the bag for this week. Madison loved that card too. She said it must have taken you a very long time to make it (she was looking at the striped socks at the time). I will take a picture of Katie's card ledge for you this weekend. I think I should be able to upload it to facebook with my phone. She will have two T. originals up there now. I will talk to you soon!

  2. These are all just adorable !!! I don't know how you come up with such cute designs and perfect papers, everytime !!
    xoxo Joy