Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Cake Card

I made this card using Simply Charmed.
Sorry D., you seem to be the only one looking at my blog that's why I am not posting too much. I am busy making yet another kit for my next class on Tuesday morning and I need to rush this time. Thanks!


  1. Morning, T.,
    I am so happy to see Mr. Raccoon made it to the MB. I am sitting here looking at him as I type and he sure is cute. I love him too.

    I am glad that you are busy with your card making classes. I'd love to hear all about them some time. How many kids? What are the ages? How do they seem to like the classes? It sounds like fun.

    Now, on to this cute cake. I don't think I'm the only visitor to your blog. I just think that people visit and don't comment. I love the touches of glitter on this cake. The colors are so fun and ready for a party. I wish I had your talent for using color. I love this ribbon too! I would have never been able to tie it so that letters in party showed up perfect like that...bows are not my thing. I love this fun, happy card. Your work always brings a smile.

    Will be waiting to hear about your adventures in class. Hugs my friend!

  2. That cake is so super cute great birthday card

  3. I have a lot of visitors that come to look at a card or two but they don't leave comments. It's hard not to feel shunned sometimes, because we all put so much in our creations. Your birthday cake card is so cute.

  4. I really like your cards and hope to get motivated again to make some for my friends too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I just LOVE this cake !!! It's so sweet and I LOVE the BG paper...a perfect combo !!
    xoxoxo Joy