Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Christmas Cards

I have had Christmas Cards seasonal cartridge for quite some time now. Maybe I was waiting for someone on the Cricut MB to show up with the cards using it but this did not happen.

So I thought why don't I start and see how they look like.

I have to say they are very easy to make and are pre-designed for you. As always I have a problem picking the right paper as I did not want to make the same colors as they offer in thw booklet.

The sizes are a little bit tricky, sometimes the first layer (the mat) would cover the whole surface of the card base and on some cards it makes it .25 inch smaller so it would actually look like a mat.

Use your Gypsy or DS to see exact sizes if you don't want to be disappointed.

So far I have made three cards. Enjoy.

Let's call the The Tree, The Village and The Bird.


  1. I just received this cartridge in the mail today. Can you pass along any tips on sizes? I, like you, want to try all the cards.


  2. Alicia!

    I will try and go into details regarding the cards sizes later. Thanks for your interest. Please come back later to check the details.