Thursday, October 21, 2010

Christmas Cards. #4 (disappointing)

Yesterday was a bad day for me to make cards. But I persisted and was frustrated a lot by the end of the process.

I was making card #4 which has a flourish on it and words Happy Holidays. First I made one with gold background and I did not like the colors I got, so I proceeded with a different color combination.

By the way the size I cut the mat and all the layers except the card base was 5 inches and in was ACTUALLY 5 inches. If you wish your card to have a border around the mat (like mine) make the card at least .25 bigger (mine is 0.5 bigger).

I noticed that the words were very intricate even at this size, but I managed to glue it down. What happened with the white/blue colors, my words did not want to cut, and were tearing a lot. usually I am pretty good with the settings, probably this time I could not find the right paper, after 5 tries, these words came out Ok, by the time I lost so much of my precious time after taking care of my 3 girls and doing all the stuff around the house, I only have 1 hr for myself. I am not even happy with this card, it looks plain and I can't think of anything to make it better. So said I am not going to make this card anymore...

I must be going and make something different.


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