Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christmas Cards. #2

My second card was the one with the people in the sled and with flourishes on the corners. I like these flourishes as they make the card look not so plain as some of the other ones. I added some blue stickles to the flourishes to make them sparkly.

Sizes (funny). I was not going to cut the card base that is on the bottom of the row on the overlay as it is in fact a regular square card. So i thought I would cut all the layer at 5.25 to put them on a 5.5 card base. I cut the layers at 5.25 and... the actual size of the first mat (and the full completed picture) came out at 4.75. Which means in this case they considered that this would be adhered as a mat on a 5.25 card with 0.25 border on each side. So I cut a 10.5 by 5.25 white cardstock and folded in half to make a 5.25 square card base.

I also think the base card on the bottom is not exactly intended for the layers in the row, it can be used for any square image in any row. Which means I could easily use the card with trimmed border (under the Peace-Bird card) and it would look cute too.

I think I should have cuttlebugged th background. It would look better.

To be continued...


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