Friday, April 6, 2012

My Other Hobby

I haven't made too many cards recently but it does not mean I am not making anything. I am obsessed with crochet flowers, motifs and appliques. Once I searched the internet and could not find too many patterns, but just this week I remembered to look at (I don't know why I never learned to use it, it gives so many ideas) and I was so surprised to find so many interesting patterns and tutorials that I want to try them all. I feel ashamed I am not using my new Cameo, but in fact I am just dying to use it more. I think I want to try so much stuff that it's hard to pick where to start.
Here are some pictures of the crochet motifs I made recently. Enjoy!


  1. Wow, T.! These are amazing! Love the multi-layered flowers...they are just gorgeous! I can't believe you are doing so many different things in crochet! This new style of butterfly is how you got the wings to be pointed! That elaborate pink shell-shaped creation is fabulous....I love the way everything arches. Now I see why the Cameo is crying for your attention. Amazing. If I could do this, I might not be Cameo-ing either. I am blown away again. Just when I think you can't surprise me anymore - you do! Dang are a mad scientist too!

  2. Oh Tatiana...these are gorgeous! I love the layered look and all the fun bling, so pretty! And I agree with Diane, that butterfly is really amazing! I so wish that I had sat down with my Mama when she tried to teach me to crochet...that woman can crochet like nobody's business. But...noooo...I had better things to know hanging out with my girlfriends and talking about boys and doing our nails and talking about boys and shopping for clothes and talking about see where I'm going with this right? Anyway, I do love the results of your "other hobby" break out that Cameo!!! I want to see what you create when you break out that amazing little machine!

  3. Your crocheting is beautiful! I like what you've done. Do you sell them? I'm on the Cricut site, if you want to pm me that would be great.

    Thanks, Janis aka ~JD~

  4. OMG! These are just GORGEOUS!!!! I love them all and the heart! Do you make snowflakes also?? Loveeeeee those bunnies!! way tooo cute! I see that you have sold some on the cricut board. If you ever decide to sell them again...PLEASE send me an email!! Thank you so much!! :)
    Shylow27 at aol dot com