Tuesday, April 24, 2012

LPS Kitty Card

I love my Cameo. Not only because it cuts perfectly, but because I can cut any image and don't even have to buy it. My younger daughters have been playing with Littlest Pet Shop toys for a couple of months and when I saw these images on Mardenz blog I was so excited. Here is one of six images that can be found there.
I guess you can't satisfy everyone, when my daughter Dana saw this and heard me saying-Woo!Hoo! I can cut anything.-She asked-Can you cut iCarly? Duh! Mmmm...not sure.
Thanks to Diane for the beautiful ribbon, it adds a lot to a simple card.


  1. Oh my ...look at those eyes! How cute is that little kitty? My granddaughter used to love Pet Shop toys...but...sad to say...she seems to have outgrown them. I love the blue gingham background and that hot pink ribbon is a great pop of color! Love this cute little card!

  2. Squeals of delight! This card is so cute! LOVE the glitter on her eyes, ears, nose and that little charm on her collar. Her eyes are gorgeous! She looks like Puss in Boots from the Shrek movies with that innocent expression. I love the little rosette, and that pink ribbon is so pretty on here. Oh my gosh, I'm so happy, you think I would have made this. And, I bet you can figure out a way to "paperize" iCarly. George can do anything. Tanya can too....

  3. p.s. like your spiffed up blog look. ;)

  4. Wondered where you have been haven't seen very many post lately from you!!! I was thinking about purchasing the cameo myself but having all these cartridges and the imagine and expresion 2 plus an expression dont know dragging my feet!!! Your card is pushing me toward the yes column!!! My granddaughter is so into pet shop this would be perfect!!! Great job!!!