Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Blades For Cricut Highly Recommend!

Not sure if anyone is still reading my blog but I wanted to share this info. I had seen a youtube video where a lady was sharing that she bought these blades to use with her Cricut machine and they work perfect even better than the Cricut brand blades. So I went ahead and got the blades too, though I figured $4.99 for 5 blades sounds too good to be true.

Let me tell you I got my blades in a week and tried them right away. All I can say she was right! I am so happy with them I started using and loving my Cricut expression again. It cuts all the small holes that could not cut before. And the most surprising thing for me I was able cut DCWV glitter cardstock the older ones that I had never cut without tears in my eyes. i still use multicut, blade depth 5 and pressure 4 (I should do 5 I think it may be even better), but it cuts great small details as well.

Here is a Teddy Bear winter card, red is DCWV cardstock. I'll share more cards soon.



  1. I still read your blog, I check it several times a week, I loved all your cute cards. Miss you posting new things, but will still keep checking!