Monday, January 28, 2013

Crazy About Butterflies

I've been crocheting a lot recently. Making some cute little hearts for Valentine's and other tiny motifs and embellishments. I spend so much time on Pinterest and always find more and more patterns. I listed several sets of hearts and flowers in pinks and reds on etsy and they all sold out pretty fast. Then as I sometime do I offered to make some more to Cricut MB members, there are a few ladies who are anticipating my crochet pieces. I never wanted to make a business out of it, because it's impossible. But it makes me so happy that people enjoy what I make. So now I am finishing several orders and will start making something for Easter.

I found the cutest ever ( I love simple and tiny crochet items) butterfly patterns and I am just completely lost, because I can't stop making them. I am annoying to each and everyone in my family because I put them in a small box and add to my collection every day, showing them to my girls and my husband and telling them (not even asking, I don't even need their opinion:)) how beautiful my butterflies are!!! I am taking pictures and sending emails. Crazy! I love my butterflies!!!


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  1. lol...Picasso does not ask for are a crocheting Picasso....except you make stuff straight and symmetrical. lol. Keep stuffing the box, girl. I will know what to steal when I come visit you. ;)