Saturday, September 1, 2012

Piglet for my friend.

Piglet is so cute. None of my kids love Winnie The Pooh, probably because we are Russian and we have our own version of Pooh and Piglet, they were never interested in the original one. But I am probably going to make some more cards using Pooh cart. Cute, cute, cute for one cute mama...



  1. I love Piglet - this is so cute:-)

  2. Cher Piglet, Je t'aime! lol. Bonjour, T.! You made my day when this arrived. I miss my girl, but my few, but dear friends make life bear-able...or should I say pig-able. Snort. Snort. Don't you love it when I write on your blog when I haven't slept. Je t'aime, T. French air kisses coming at you!