Saturday, December 3, 2011

Racoon Stationery Gift Set

I made this gift set for my friend Diane and she may may think already when am I gonna get it after all? Well D., you need to be patient. They are waiting to be sent to you. The key chain raccoon was cut twice one regular and one flipped for the back and 4 layers of black crdstock in between. I Mod podged the whole thing. I made birthday reminder using some tips from scrapbooks Etc. magazine, I made the template with months and date in Microsoft Word and printed them out, cut the same size and cut some cardboard (or some box leftovers for the front and back cover. The post it note cover was made using tips from you tube videos.


  1. Oh My Gosh! Isn't that racoon just the cutest. The projects are so fun, especially the very useful birthday reminder.

  2. lol...Diane is usually a fairly patient person, but I'm sure you must be killing her with these teasing posts. lol. I bet she's waiting for them to come in so she can steal your measurements and scraplift the everything. :) She's a bum. Who would have thought that my 2 am complaints about having to pick up the trash in my driveway would lead to the most crafting laughs ever...and this entirely adorable project that you are so sweet to be sending my way. I am glad that it wasn't a skunk I was complaining about, although I'm sure you'd make skunks cute too! This project just blows me away, T. I never thought I'd be a handmade gift getter....and I gotta tell you, it really touches me down to my rotten core. :) You are such an amazing crafter, and an even more amazing friend. Now I gotta get outta here before I need a tissue!