Thursday, July 7, 2011

Russian Dolls

These are some Russian Dolls cards. My friend ordered from me several cards so she can use them as Thank You cards. She is also Russian and loves my cards. But to be honest whenever someone orders lots of the same cards in the middle of the process I start hating this stuff. This is what happened with these cute Matryoshkas which don't even look cute to me any more. She also asked me to make some exactly the same as I made last year, but when I found the pictures of them they seemed so plain and I think my cards have improved a little bit, so to make cards that look worse that I could does not feel good. OK, that's enough...
I hope you enjoy seeing them!


  1. What an adorable set of cards! The colors are lovely!

  2. You seriously do these Russian dolls better than anybody I know. I love each and every one...every detail and color is perfect!