Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Kit For Card Making Class

Well, this was my last class for the season, next time it will probably be last week before school. Kids are so excited and everyone wants to come again and again. They are more experienced now which means they make cards faster. Who cares it took me 4 days (nights to be exact) to make everything ready. They were all done in 40 minutes. But still I am very happy and I just love to see how their eyes shine when they see what else I brought. Action Wobbles is a huge hit. In this set we used it on the back of the fish so the effect is that the fish is swimming. I also love Prismatic paper from Target that I used on the fish the the water. It looks cool. There was one more card in this kit with Panda and bamboo, I posted the same card long time ago. Enjoy!
P.S. Vivi asked me if I glue the cuts together and YES I glue the cuts together as it's not easy for 7-12 year old kids, you have to be Cricut-experienced to do this.BigGrin But all the layers, bling, buttons and other embellishments come separated. Thanks!
I MADE 6 SETS FOR EACH CARD! I would never do that without my Gypsy.


  1. all beautiful but I LOVE the fish the paper you used for his body is great!

  2. how fun that your fish is floating on a wobble....i bet the kids were wanting to "wobble" everything! sounds like you are having lots of fun with all your little customers...they really are the best kind...fabulous card sets, T....so worth the 4 nights of a little less sleep!