Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Card For A Blind Boy.

I was asked to make a Christmas card for a 13 yo boy who is blind. He celebrates Orthodox Christmas which is January 7th.

I made 3 cards for the person to pick. The card has to be as tactile as possible so he can read it by touch.

It was not a surprise for me that the lady picked the one with Santa as it's funny and has so many details. The boy loves music and it has music accents.

I love the tree card, it feels like a real tree to me. And the angel card I scraplifted from Sandi (daveshunny). I loved her card so much I knew I will try to make one of my own.

The end of the story - my friend who picked up the cards to take them to that lady ended up buying the rest of them, so I have nothing left :)) I am glad they love my cards!

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