Thursday, November 18, 2010

Altering a Composition Book.

My daughter has this composition book at school and the teacher told the kids they can decorate them as they want. meaning draw, put stickers and so on.

Once I saw a video on Youtube by Momo
and I loved how simple it was, so I asked Dana if she wants me to do it for her. Sure enough she did. She wanted to pick a picture from any Cricut cart, which took her several days, as they all are sooo cute... Finally she picked this ladybug from Simply Charmed.

So after cutting the image and putting it together it only took me about 5 minutes to finish the book. I like how it turned out. I messed with it a little bit gluing the bug on the wrong side of the book and then had to re-glue it and cover up, that's why the knot on the ribbon is not my best one.

I put the book on my daughter's clothes for the next morning and I just had to catch the moment and see her sleepy face turned shining like a rainbow!!! Of course now her journal is unique and she so proud...


  1. That is really adorable. I can't wait to do stuff like for my son when he's in school! Too Cute!!!

  2. It really is a great feeling when you make something for your kids and they LOVE it!! And your journal came out just wonderful. It's no wonder she shined like a rainbow :)